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We build for real classrooms, and integrate with the world's best pedagogy, to create smart schools.

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A Pedagogy-First Approach

We believe ed tech is only as good as the curriculum it supports — and we support the best. Our software is being built to power LePort Schools' carefully-sequenced, individualized approach to education.

Toward Data-Driven Education

Maria Montessori had a vision of classrooms as labs, and teachers as scientists — and we're here to help make that vision a reality. Our platform is constructed to glean meaningful data about each student.

Battle-Tested Products

As the in-house development team for a school network, our work gets rolled out to users continuously — and is tested and iterated on, aligning to LePort's adaptive, expertly-crafted pedagogy.

A Reactive Platform

We're building a microservices-based architecture using the latest and best — React + Flux, NodeJS, Mongo, and Docker — and our tech stack is growing. Come make stuff with us and work on the bleeding edge.

Continuous Engineering

We're building a comprehensive platform, and are continuously adding features in collaboration with LePort's in-house users. We're an agile team that never stops sprinting toward better.

A Work-from-Anywhere Team

Our main offices are located in sunny Irvine, California — but great teams aren't bound by geography, and we hire the best, no matter where you're located. Even if it's the coffee shop down the street.

Come create smart schools. Join us and change the way education is done.

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About LePort Schools

LePort Labs is the custom software development arm of LePort Schools, a national network of private schools. LePort equips children with Knowledge for Life — the essential skills needed to thrive as joyous children today and as successful adults tomorrow. LePort Schools offers high quality Montessori and private school environments for children from infancy to Junior High.

Our goal, as a software team, is to put LePort's already-powerful educational framework on rails.

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